Tips for Effective Makeup

Christopher / August 21, 2021
Tips for Effective Makeup

Makeup is not just a beauty tool. Wearing makeup also means discovering and enhancing your strengths, expressing your personality, and, first of all, having fun! With the right tips and, above all, with a lot of practice, anyone can learn the art of makeup.

Keeping in mind that every face and every skin have specific characteristics that it is good to know – in fact, by experimenting – there are some universal strengths of makeup and valid for everyone. So here are some simple but useful tips for effective makeup.

Tips for Effective Makeup

Create a Good Foundation

Every self-respecting painting needs the right canvas. Even in the world of makeup, it is essential to start effectively with a good foundation. Consistently adopting appropriate skincare is the first step to the success of good makeup. Remember to cleanse your face twice a day, in the morning and the evening, and to hydrate yourself with the creams that best suit your skin type, whether it is combination, oily or dry. Once the moisturizer is allowed to absorb, you can proceed with the makeup.

Watch Out for Humidity

To apply makeup effectively, when choosing your makeup kit, take into account external factors that can compromise its durability.

Whether it is the fault of summer, a rainy climate, or a particularly pronounced sweating if there is a risk that your face tends to get wet, prefer waterproof makeup – also equipping yourself with special makeup remover cleansers. Also, remember to fix the makeup with a veil of powder or with a spray fixer.

Test the Resistance of the Tricks

Before investing in an eyeshadow, a bronzer, or a pencil, test its hold. Look for the tester of the product you intend to buy and do the litmus test on the skin of the wrist, which has characteristics similar to that of the face and eyelids. Check the outcome after a few hours, and you will know if it is worth investing in that product. Attention: different shades of the same product can have different seals!

Know Your Face

As mentioned, experimenting is the first thing to do to wear makeup effectively. Each face has unique and unrepeatable characteristics, and what looks beautiful on your friend or the glossy cover of a newspaper may not be suitable for your confirmation. Practice – or rather, have fun – trying the mirror to discover the colors that best suit your complexion and the shapes that best enhance your features.

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