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The best tips to buy your golf clubs

Christopher / February 15, 2021

There is no doubt that one of the main concerns of any golfer, whatever his level: beginner, intermediate or expert; it is the correct choice of golf clubs.

We are all aware that only with clubs that adapt to our physical and playing characteristics can we achieve all the objectives that we set ourselves every time we go out on the field: increase the distance, perfect the swing, hit the ball better … among others.

It is certainly an important decision, as not all of us can afford to change clubs every so often, so anything that can help us make the right decision is welcome.

Below we try to offer you a summary of the most important points that we think you should keep in mind when buying your next golf clubs.

Main factors

The first thing to keep in mind is that clubs are undoubtedly a great help to improve our game, but they are not “miraculous”; to improve results you have to practice. Even if you have the best clubs, only practice and perseverance will allow us to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves.
That said, there is no doubt that, especially for beginners, having the right clubs for your game and your characteristics is essential support.

The first question when we start to play is whether or not it is convenient to get a set of custom clubs, is it worth it for someone who is starting? Of course, there is no single and exclusive answer for all cases; Many think that investing in such clubs in a beginner can be something “excessive”, however we do not believe that this is the case in 100% of the cases. And the thing is, when someone is starting out in golf, having the correct material that adapts to your characteristics can greatly contribute to your evolution; and the more you evolve the more you get “hooked”, and the more you get hooked, the more you practice and the more you practice, you increase the improvement …

That said, we summarize below the main factors that we think can help you in the selection of golf clubs:


Without a doubt it is the first thing you should keep in mind. And is that if you measure 1.90 m you can not buy a set of standard clubs, it would be a big mistake; But if, on the other hand, you are 1.60 m tall, you cannot choose a stick that is too long. At this point, it’s just common sense.
Remember that the priority is to feel comfortable, a runner cannot compete in a size 48 if he wears a size 40, even if it is the fastest.


Determining the speed of your swing is essential, since with this data you can determine the level of hardness that your ideal shaft must have. So you can be aware of the distance you achieve with the golf clubs. But do not be overwhelmed, speed is undoubtedly a factor that is trained and improves over time and only with practice will you determine if you are consistent with the blows.

Another factor that is intertwined with the previous point is the speed of the ball , referring to the type of rod, you can hit at a certain speed. But it is not the same to hit it in the center of the face than in the heel of the face. If this happens, much of the speed will be lost, therefore it is important that you choose the correct type of face the club has. Today there are many brands that use excellent innovative technologies to support you in this blow and to break your distance.

The fusion between the speed of the rod in conjunction with the speed of the ball, gives rise to the Smash Factor. This happens with the right and custom club combined with lots of practice. It exists only when the blow is struck throughout the center. If you have chosen well, taking into account the factors mentioned, getting a Smash Factor is simply a matter of time.

Common errors when choosing your golf clubs

Before acquiring your golf clubs, regardless of whether it is the first or second game, you must invest the time necessary to inform yourself well.

It is convenient to be very clear about the level of play you have at the time you are going to make the purchase, it is useless to lie to yourself, you have to be realistic and as critical as possible. You should also be very clear about your goals in this sport, where you want to “aim” within golf as an athlete: you are just looking to hang out, you want to improve your handicap, you want to go to tournaments …

Then you must go on to a detailed analysis of the clubs that exist at that time in the market, trying to make a deep comparison to determine the technologies, types of rods and their function in each shot.

If you are clear about your objectives and what each of the technologies announced by the brands offers you, you can “marry” one thing with the other, to determine which clubs are best for you.

Here is a summary of what are, in our opinion, the main mistakes made when choosing golf clubs:

  • Compulsive buying is one of the main causes that will limit your development as a player, never get carried away by “needing it right now”, or “these seem cool to me”, or “they are in fashion”… Try to make the decision to the most reasoned and critical way possible.
  • Acquire some specific brand clubs because everyone uses the same ones. This is a common mistake: getting carried away by what we see others do. However, it should be kept in mind that there is a lot of diversity and that what suits your partner very well does not have to be good for you, each player has their own characteristics.
  • Opt for the cheapest or the most expensive. Another mistake, there are people who consider that the most expensive is the best and will not necessarily be the best for you. It is also true that it must be adapted to each person’s pocket, but the price should not be a determining factor.
  • Buying without testing the material is another mistake, it is convenient to feel the movement and determine if you are really comfortable using it.

Perform a golf fitting

The golf fitting is a personalized analysis of your physical characteristics and your game, it must be carried out by a professional who is capable of correctly analyzing each of these conditions in order to establish a clear and truthful “diagnosis” of which clubs are they better suit you.

Without a doubt, it is the most truthful and correct way to be clear about the characteristics of the clubs that can help you improve and therefore, we always recommend carrying out a golf fitting before changing any club, whether you need a new driver or if you need one. You want to modify the entire set of irons.

A good fitting must be personalized, the professional must dedicate all the time you need and you must be able to try different clubs and brands. It is convenient that during the fitting you also play with your clubs, so that you can appreciate the difference.

If you opt for Indoor Fitting, you run the risk that the results are not entirely accurate, since the data is handled with algorithms and mathematical calculations to make estimates of the strokes made.

That is why we always recommend a fitting made on the golf course, which has nothing to do with a club test in store. Being able to try clubs in the field, in “real”, is the only true way to experience the sensations that the clubs convey.

Internship journal

Having a diary or practice notebook with you is ideal to keep track of the values ​​for each stroke and with each rod.

If you are meticulous, this will allow you to have all the information you need to determine the weight of the rod or the type of face you need or even, it can help you determine if you need to have all the clubs to achieve your goals. All these data will also be of great help if you are going to perform a fitting

You should try to have the following data controlled:

  • Dispersion with the driver.
  • Full distance gapping.
  • Swing speed of each club.
  • Identify what do you want to improve? As for example, the angles of attack or, improving the blow in the center of the face.

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