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Premium riflescope for long-range shooting V6 5-30 x 56 DDMP

Christopher / April 25, 2021
Premium riflescope for long-range shooting V6 5-30 x 56 DDMP

The “V6 5-30 x 56 DDMP” from DDoptics is perfect for sporty shooting in the long-range range for distances of up to 2,000 m. The “V6 5-30×56 DDMP” offers extreme precision and parallax-free adjustment over the entire magnification range. This premium riflescope from DDoptics Optische Geräte & Feinwerktechnik KG is equipped with a fine illuminated reticle with quick adjustment in the first image plane, has an extensive adjustment range of 30 MRAD, and is therefore predestined for the demanding long-range sport shooter. Due to the constant point of impact, the possibility of calculating distances and sizes with the help of the reticle (image level 1), and the robust design, the riflescope meets all requirements for hunting.

The riflescope “V6 5-30×56 DDMP” developed by DDoptics covers a wide range of applications.

An adjustment range of 30 MRAD

– this corresponds to an adjustment range of 3 m (at 100 m) or 30 m (at 1,000 m) in height and side – allows experienced sport shooters long shots at distances of around 2,000 m. Only three turns are for the whole Adjustment range required. Finally, this is advantageous in hunting if a specific situation requires a quick change of different distances.

The generous field of view

Additional support comes from the very generous field of view with values of 7.07 m or 1.05 m (at 5 or 30 times magnification.

The reticle in the first image plane

The mil-line illuminated reticle “TacA” is in the first image plane. The three arrow-shaped bars are transparent. This means that nothing remains hidden behind the reticle; the target is only minimally covered. The middle of the reticle lines is divided into complete, middle, and small lines, with one full line corresponding to 1 MRAD (10 cm at 100 m). The intermediate lines are divided accordingly (0.5 MRAD: 5 cm, 0.25 MRAD: 2.5 cm). This means that distances can be calculated precisely with the help of various stopping points, and deviations from the point of contact can be compensated for. The breakpoints can also be used when taking crosswinds into account.

The light unit of the “TacA” reticle can be dimmed steplessly so precisely that the appropriate brightness is set quickly and at any time. At first, only a tiny illuminated dot can be seen. This is dimmable so that it can be used in combination with a night vision device. The light increases as the ballistic reticle rotate until the entire reticle glows. You can switch between an essential illuminated dot and a completely illuminated reticle, depending on the situation.


The automatic switch-off of the illuminated dot with intelligent control is optionally available.

MRAD reticle adjustment with 0.1 MRAD / click and zero stop

The “V6 5-30×56 DDMP” has a quick reticle adjustment (ASV). The metal-made towers for height and windage adjustment are entirely waterproof and, thanks to the gear-like design, can be operated non-slip. The parallax compensation (25 m-1,000 m-infinite) is easily accessible on the left adjustment tower. The ASV has double scaling (double turn) and a zero stop (zero stop). This means that depending on the direction and intensity of the wind or the potential movement of the target, various shooting distances can be set. Each click adjusts the reticle by 0.1 MRAD. At 100 meters, this equals 1 cm. Then click change is extremely accurate and consistent.

The riflescope “V6 5-30×56 DDMP” consists of a robust aluminum alloy, is shockproof, and free of plastic parts. All aluminum parts are provided with a non-glossy “fine black” anodizing coating. Even at 30x magnification, the optics shine with a high-contrast and true-color image that offers outstanding edge sharpness properties and excellent transmission.

The ring assembly has a tube diameter of 34 mm. The eye relief is 85-97 mm. The riflescope “V6 5-30×56 DDMP” weighs 1,068 g and has a total length of 368 mm.

DDoptics grants a 30-year guarantee on the new target optics. Available from the supplier ( or specialist Reviewer (

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