Review of the game My talking Tom on Android and iOS

Christopher / January 24, 2022

Almost all users of both iDevices and Android phones know Tom. This is one that repeats any word or phrase after a person. You can also stroke this cat, click on the nose, etc. Developers from Out Fit 7 Ltd do not sit still – they “generated” a whole bunch of similar applications in the App Store: here you have a talking parrot (my favorite), and a talking dog, and even a talking hippo. But one app does stand out a little. My Talking Tom is a fusion of a regular talking Tom with Tamagotchi (virtual pet) elements.

Review of the game My talking Tom

I didn’t want to write about My Talking Tom a few days ago, but the release of an article about it made me reconsider my plans (below explains why). I sat down again with Tom and decided that I needed to write since many readers would probably be interested in this application. The intended target audience of the game: women and children. I can hardly imagine a man in his 30s or 40s taking a virtual cat seriously.

The essence of the My Talking Tom app

The player has his own kitten, which needs care and attention. The cat has few needs – eating, eating, going to the toilet, and playing. If you enter the game periodically and satisfy these needs, then the cat will increase the level. Kitten Tom eventually grows up and turns into a full-fledged adult cat.

The game has a currency – coins

They are earned using built-in mini-games. All other entertainment, on the contrary, eats up the budget of a novice cat breeder. There are a few mini-games: an excellent clone of Flappy Bird lies. Flappy Cat even managed to drag me into her web for a while. The fact is that I set myself the goal of breaking my sister’s record – 41. Now that the goal has been achieved, the game has lost its meaning for me. I’ll give you a point – try to beat my record in Flappy Cat – 59. Unsubscribe about your achievements in the comments! 😉

There is a perfectly implemented game in the line for speed

Other mini-games are also available (7 in total) of varying degrees of interest … I have highlighted only a couple of my favorites.

In addition to mini-games, Tom can acquire wardrobe attributes, modifying it visually. You can also purchase accessories for the bedroom and living room.

I pumped about a dozen, probably, different talking animals into the phone for the child (Tom the cat, Ben the dog, and the rest from this series), and she herself did not notice how she got hooked on one of them.

Why this particular Angela and not another game?

Because there is one particularly addictive feature that is not found in other similar games, namely an album with stickers that you need to collect. Apparently, my gum-sticker childhood was affected when I collected stickers of barbies, dinosaurs, and other devils. Yes, I also had a Tamagotchi, although it seemed terribly boring to me.

So what can you do here, And a lot of things

The animal needs to be fed, bathed, entertained, it needs to choose outfits, hairstyles and makeup, update the interior. All these actions give something like experience, and upon reaching a certain amount of it (it can be seen on the blue-white scale below), the cat moves to the next level and sometimes grows up.


There are two types of game money here – ordinary coins and blue crystals. We get coins for any action to take care of Angela, and we can earn in games (some, by the way, are very entertaining):

Crystals several times a day can be obtained for viewing ads (you need an Internet connection) or for each collected page of stickers. And, of course, both can be purchased for real money.

In general, everything in the game is thought out in such a way that the user enters the application as often as possible with the Internet and, of course, spends real money, although this can be dispensed with.

Earn some play money

Recently I invented an easy way to earn some play money while Angela is sleeping or just when there is no time, or you don’t want to play games. To do this, you need to download the game “Cookie jam” (Jam for cookies), which is offered in the list of additional games (the last one).

Since this is a separate game, it can be played even when the animal is sleeping, but coins are still awarded for this. Moreover, it is not necessary to play, just go into the game and stay in it for a certain time (without turning it off!). So the game hangs itself, and I go about my business. According to my calculations, for 6 minutes of being in the game, we are given 72 coins.

After that, you need to exit the game and go back in after that because we won’t get any more. That is, we go out and go in every 6 or more minutes and get 72 money for each time. Or periodically collapse-expand the game without closing, then you can get more than 72 coins.

By the way, the toy itself is quite interesting, and it has become my favorite among all cat games. Yes, coins can also be obtained for completing tasks.

To do this, you either need to download and open the proposed applications (provided that you have never downloaded them before), sometimes for more coins, you still need to do something in these applications. For example, the CashYouself application – you need to score 6000 points in the application, and for this, we will be given 5000 coins. I scored in a few days, and the coins really came.

Album with stickers

For each new level, 1 pack of stickers is given, in which there are 5 of them. The more in the album is filled, the higher the likelihood that duplicates will come across. Also, stickers can be bought for crystals both individually (1 piece per day) and in packs. You can also buy them from other players if we need a duplicate. The cost varies depending on the rarity of the sticker.

  • Such players are given 5 people per day (this business can be accelerated for crystals). The sticker, which we don’t have, is at the very beginning and is indicated by Angela’s face in the upper left corner.
  • When we have collected all the stickers on the page, we are given a certain number of crystals.
  • Also, some stickers or pictures, consisting of several pieces, can unlock exterior or interior elements.
  • If someone buys a sticker from us, then one new message will appear in which you can collect money.
  •  If you gently stroke the cat up and down, then she starts to purr, and experience is added to her. And she does not like sudden movements.

I described the main points, omitting a few minor game nuances. I think it will not be difficult to figure out the rest of the features of the gameplay.

There are also annoying misunderstandings. Here, for example, what kind of blush I bought for 50 crystals by mistake, just by accident I didn’t hit the right place with my finger))).

When I finished playing to level 38, the crystals stopped appearing, and I was given this message.

A good Tamagotchi-style game that has hooked a lot of users both on other platforms and on Windows Phone, My Talking Tom is free, but as it turns out, there is a donation in the game. Thus, in order to upgrade your pet and buy various things for him, you will have to pay real money. But there is a way to increase the money in the My Talking Tom game for Windows Phone itself.

  1. If you still want to wind up coins or money for yourself in the My Talking Tom game for Windows Phone and not pay from your wallet, read the instructions below:
  2. Go to the “Isolated Storage” tab, find My Talking Tom, and expand the game files list.
  3.  Find the vca.db file click “Get” at the bottom. Save wherever you want.
  4. Download the SQLite Database Browser to edit the file (6.8 MiB) and extract the archive.
  5. Run the program; in the window that opens, click on the open file button and select your vca.db.
  6. Then go to the Browse Data tab and open the window after account and under value
  7. Edit the “balance” value and set it to as much money as you want. I do not advise you to bet more than 7
  8. Nines because the game may not start. Click Apply Changes.
  9. Save the file by clicking on the appropriate button and closing the program.
  10. Click “Put File” to find the file you have edited.
  11. Close WPPT, turn off your phone, start the game. Ready. Your account now has exactly as many coins as you bet! I got 99.9 million, and after paying a little more, I bought the latest clothes from the list 🙂

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