Kaspersky Battery Life Review

Christopher / January 24, 2022

Kaspersky Battery Life Review: Kaspersky Battery Life is a best battery saver app for android that helps you extend the battery life of your Android smartphones and tablets. The solution automatically analyzes all applications running on your device, identifies those that consume the most energy, tells you how much time is left before the battery runs out, and also helps you disable unnecessary applications.

Kaspersky Battery Life Review

Kaspersky Battery Life Review

  • Allows you to control the situation: The solution constantly monitors all applications running on your device – even those running in the background. You can turn off applications that consume a lot of power, and your favorite programs will continue to work. With Kaspersky Battery Life, you can do what you love and don’t worry about running out of battery.
  • Monitors resource-intensive applications: If an app starts using more power than usual, you get a message about it and decide whether to stop it.
  • Gives accurate battery charge status: Kaspersky Battery Life analyzes the energy consumption of each application on your device, monitors the battery level, and can accurately predict the time remaining until the moment when it is completely discharged.

Hardware and software requirements

For Kaspersky Battery Life to function, the device must meet the following requirements:

  • Device type: smartphone or tablet;
  • Screen resolution from 320×480 pixels;
  • 150 MB of free space in the main memory of the device;
  • Operating system: Android 4.1 – 10. x.

About the Kaspersky Battery Life widget

The Kaspersky Battery Life widget shows information about the battery status and allows you to stop all running applications with a single tap.

Kaspersky Battery Life offers two types of widgets. You can view the following information in the Kaspersky Battery Life widgets:

  • In the small widget of Kaspersky Battery Life:
    • battery percentage;
    • the number of apps you can close (only on Android 4.1-6.x devices);
  • In the large Kaspersky Battery Life widget:
    • battery percentage;
    • how soon the battery runs out;
    • how long does it take to fully charge the battery (if the device is charging);
    • Apps that you can close – small icons of these apps are displayed (only on devices with Android 4.1-6.x).

Extend the life of your Android gadget without recharging with this program.

Kaspersky Battery Life will help you significantly extend the battery life of your smartphone or tablet. This program will automatically analyze running applications, including those running in the background, determine the most resource-intensive of them, and then shut them down.

In addition, with the help of this program, you can at any time find out how much time is left until the battery of your gadget is completely discharged.

A nice feature of Kaspersky Battery Life for Android is the ability to control the shutdown of applications independently. You can make lists of exceptions and add your favorite programs to them to do this. It will continue to work even when resource-intensive programs are disabled.

You will also get the ability to monitor the performance of installed applications. If any of them starts to consume more energy than usual, you will receive a special alert.

Download the Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster app and extend the battery life of your Android gadget for free.

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