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Gasoline Powered Lawnmower Best in Test

Christopher / March 28, 2021

For a large plot, a petrol-powered lawnmower may be the best option. The same applies to you who tend to not be so regular in your lawn mowing and thus have to struggle with a little higher grass when it’s finally time. See test-winning lawnmowers and take part in our best tips before the purchase.

AL-KO Comfort 51.0 SP-A Lawnmower

The German company AL-KO was founded in 1931 and has since created high-quality professional garden and forestry equipment. Their most important factors are comfort, joy, and safety. They have several lawnmowers in the range that have received good reviews and good grades on tests.

AL-KO Comfort 51.0 SP-A is an updated model of the previous test winner AL-KO Highline 51.SP-A. It is a petrol-powered lawnmower in sheet steel with a cutting width of 51 centimeters. It weighs 35.3 kilos, can mow up to 1800 square meters, and the powerful single-speed motor of 2100 watts provides more power and less fuel consumption. You can change the grass’s height in seven steps and then at a height between 30 millimeters to 80 millimeters.

The lawnmower is rear-wheel drive and does a good job both on uneven ground and on slopes and mows both long and wet grass. Thanks to a staggering chassis, you can also cut against solid objects. The lawnmower offers lawn mowing, collection, bio-cutting, and side ejection of the grass if you do not want to use the collector. The collector in hard plastic is 60 liters, which means that you do not have to empty it as often. The handle is ergonomic, and the sound level is considered low. The lawnmower is started with a quick start which means that you do not have to shock the machine before starting. AL-KO offers a guarantee of 2 + 2 years.

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Stihl RM 448 TC Lawnmower

Stihl is a specialist in power tools and is the world’s most bought chainsaw brand. They developed the chainsaw in 1926 and have since developed many products for both forest and garden. They make quality products for conscious professional customers and demanding consumers who are looking for the best. Their lawn mowers are available as electric, battery, and petrol mowers, have received good ratings and reviews for many years, and provide a green and prosperous lawn.

Stihl RM 448 TC is a petrol-powered lawnmower with high cutting power. The lawnmower has a hard plastic chassis and weighs 27 kilos, a bit like being petrol-powered. Thanks to the low weight and forward drive, it is easy and comfortable to drive. It has a cutting width of 46 centimeters and is a good alternative for you with a medium-sized lawn of up to 1200 square meters. It has a powerful and single-speed, and easy-to-start motor of 2100 watts.

It handles both tall and wet grass well, mows well both on uneven and sloping ground and against hard objects. You can change the grass’s height in six different steps and then at a height between 25 millimeters to 75 millimeters. The collector has a volume of 55 liters and is easy to empty. You can also extra equip the lawnmower with a bio kit that allows it to be turned into an efficient bio mower. The volume of sound on the lawnmower is 96 decibels. The lawnmower has a two-year warranty.

Klippo Champion Lawnmower

Klippo is a Swedish company that was founded in Malmö in 1945 and is today owned by Husqvarna. Klippo’s lawnmowers have received high marks in several tests over the years. They make lawnmowers inherited to the next generation, and when it’s time for a new one, many mower owners choose to buy a similar one. They make several test-winning models, and all are carefully built to be a perfect lawn.

Klippo Champion has received good ratings and reviews for many years and is a reliable, faithful servant who mows your lawn year after year. It is a petrol-powered lawnmower without a collector that requires a little maintenance. The mower weighs 26.3 kilos with perfect balance, making it easy to drive even though it is not self-driving. It has a cutting width of 48 centimeters and fits well on a small or medium-sized lawn.

The cutting height is adjustable in six heights and is 30-60 centimeters. The lawnmower has a mulching function, which shreds the grass and spreads it out, and nourishes the lawn. The aluminum cover is removable so that you can access even the most difficult places in your garden. The motor is strong and has an output of 2300 watts, and the stable and grip-friendly handle is adjustable to fit the mower.

Makita PLM5121N2 Lawnmower

Makita is a Japanese company founded in 1915 and which today is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power tools. They manufacture power tools, accessories, and services and make both petrol and electric lawnmowers.

Makita PLM5121N2 is the best self propelled lawn mower with a mulching function and a cutting width of 51 centimeters. It has a ready-start engine, a speed of 3.6 kilometers per hour, and can mow an area of 1800 square meters. The lawnmower has solid steel construction and handles that can be adjusted with one hand.

The lawnmower weighs 31 kilos and has a motor power of 2600 watts. It has five cutting height steps with a cutting height of between 25 millimeters and 70 millimeters. The machine is delivered without oil, and this must be refilled before use.

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Buying guide

If you have a lawn plot, you also need a good lawnmower to keep the grass neat. Buy an electric lawnmower that gets the grass cut both well and efficiently.

Advantages of an electric lawn mower

A petrol-powered lawnmower is usually slightly stronger than an electric-powered mower and can also handle more difficult tasks. If the grass is tall or wet, or if your garden is very hilly, you can still always trust that a petrol-powered lawnmower can handle it. Petrol mowers are sturdy machines and weigh accordingly, but with self-propelled wheels, the work does not become overwhelmingly heavy.

The disadvantage of petrol lawnmowers is that they sound louder than other lawnmowers, that they cost more to operate than electric mowers, and emit exhaust fumes. Today’s four-stroke engines, however, exceed the high demands that exist on noise level and emissions.

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How to start an electric lawn mower

The classic way to start a gasoline-powered lawnmower is to start the engine with a string. Provided that the mower is well maintained, it is not very difficult, but it still requires a certain strength. Many lawnmowers offer electric start, which makes a start much easier.

Buy lawnmowers – to think about

In addition to what drives the lawnmower forward, petrol-powered and electric lawnmowers work the same way, and you should keep the same things in mind no matter what kind of lawnmower you choose.

Cutting width: How wide the knives can cut in a single sweep. The width varies between different machines but is usually around 35-56 centimeters. The larger the cutting width, the faster it is possible to cut.

Cutting height: How short the machine cuts the grass is usually adjustable, around 2-6 centimeters, but the exact dimensions vary. How it is adjusted is also different; some mowers require you to adjust the height manually for each wheel, while others can be raised and lowered anywhere at the same time.

Ergonomics: Mowing the grass can be tiring work, especially if the mower is not comfortable to drive. An adjustable handle is preferable, especially if you are several people of different lengths who will love the machine. Noise level and vibration are two other things you should also keep in mind when choosing your mower.

Skip the rake – grind down the grass

Having to walk across the lawn with a rake to clean away ugly streaks of cut grass is no big deal, and also nothing that a well-equipped lawnmower requires of you. Many mowers are equipped with a collection bag or have one as an optional extra for extra money, which you can easily empty on the compost pile or in the garden waste. Another common feature is that the mower mows the grass very fine, called mulching, multi-clip, or BioClip, and then spreads it evenly over the lawn. Spreading the grass that way allows it to act as fertilizer.

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