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ABC of Sewing Machines: This kind of machine is perfect for you

Christopher / August 23, 2021
ABC of Sewing Machines

Have you considered buying a sewing machine? Choosing a suitable sewing machine can be a challenging task, as there are different types and prices of sewing machines available on the market today. Please read our guide to choosing a sewing machine and you can get more information about homing by staying with

The choice of sewing machine is mainly affected by the need for use.

ABC of Sewing Machines

Casual Seamstress or Beginner

A beginner in the sewing hobby may quickly think that the cheapest machine on the market is well enough to cover the occasional need. However, it is often the wrong solution. The cheapest machines on the market can be more cumbersome to use than the slightly more expensive machines.

Cheap machines may require even more expertise from the user than electronic, slightly more expensive machines, says Petri Partanen from Bellabeat Oy, which imports sewing machines for the third generation.

In addition, the cheapest machines on the market last severely for years. You will get a lifetime home appliance from your sewing machine if you invest a little more time and money into it.

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An Electronic or Mechanical Machine?

An electronic machine means a modern, electronically operated automatic machine. On the other hand, a mechanical machine means a traditional machine in which the threads are manually installed and the necessary adjustments are made before starting to sew.

It is often thought that that old-fashioned mechanical machine is more accessible and more durable. Today, however, there are electronic machines for every need, and their prices have dropped a lot.

– Yes, an electronic machine is always easier to use and faster to learn, says Partanen.

The electronic machine makes the necessary adjustments automatically on behalf of the beginner. The so-called button feels for sewing machines may not even be needed if you know how to invest in the right kind of machine.

For the Author of Complex Formulas and Decorations

If you want to do more than just straight and zigzag with the machine, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the different options before making the actual choice. At this point, an electronic machine is an absolute choice. In a better machine, the price range can quickly jump to six hundred euros.

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The Price Increases Due to Special Features and Structure

For example, the so-called dual-feed structure helps in thick sewing fabric. In the sewing technique, the fabric is grabbed from both the top and the bottom, and the fabrics move at the same time.

In other words, the mechanism forces the fabric to rush when sewing. This way, the fabric doesn’t seem to get stuck in the middle of sewing, and ugly jams are avoided.

You should describe precisely what kind of work you want to do with your sewing machine in a sewing machine shop. Yes, a professional can tell you about the different features and uses of the equipment.

There Are Significant Differences in Prices

The price range on sewing machines is insanely wide. The most expensive sewing machines can cost several thousand euros. The price makes the most extensive choice in sewing machines.

If you want to buy a sewing machine that will last for decades, then a machine for about four hundred euros is the most sensible price range for a sewing machine, says Partanen.

Machines with more than a thousand euros are almost always intended for some particular use, such as embroidery. In addition, they may have special electronic features, such as a digital display or touch screen. Indeed, these machines today resemble a computer more than a traditional sewing machine. On the other hand, the price is also reflected in the final result. The imprint is beautiful and professional.

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Pay Special Attention to These Things When Comparing Sewing Machines

When comparing machines at the same price, you should pay special attention to warranty periods, retail chains, and accessories.

There may be significant differences in the availability of accessories. Some sewing machines come with a massive variety of accessories, while others are almost non-existent. With accessories, the primary machine can also be diversified along the way if necessary, Partanen explains.

Suitable accessories and machine parts can also be used on a new machine if the old sewing machine is replaced with a new one at some point. This creates continuity and longevity when buying supplies.

It is also essential to find out where the machine can be serviced and repaired if necessary. Not all brands have any kind of organized supply chain. Some, on the other hand, have a very comprehensive and extensive repair network. Regular maintenance ensures a long service life for the sewing machine.

The Sewing Machine Must Be Serviced Regularly

A quality sewing machine should be remembered for regular maintenance. A sewing machine used once a week should be serviced once a year. It should also be remembered that maintenance is not the same thing as repairing a machine. On the contrary, annual maintenance ensures that the machine does not need to be repaired at all.

Maintenance does not mean that the machine is brought into service when something is already wrong. This is a case of repair. The maintenance aims to ensure that there is no need for repairs and that the machine lasts for years in service, Partanen explains.

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